Wireless Leaderboard Service

Turn Your Tournament into a Tour Event!

Are you trying to make your golf tournament more exciting? Do you want to distinguish your event from the rest? If so, we have a solution to your problem.

Providing a live leaderboard for your event will give your guests a "TOUR" experience. Score your games instantly by connecting golfers to your leaderboard. With a leaderboard at their fingertips, each golfer will see their name and position in the tournament.

Sponsor Recognition

Extend the reach of your sponsors by promoting your sponsor on the course, in the clubhouse and online. Your sponsors logo will be displayed at the forefront of the event!

Charity Tournaments

Our Wireless Leaderboards are the perfect sponsorship tool to raise money for your event. It will add excitement and interest through-out the day and is the perfect way to differentiate and elevate the profile of your event.
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Corporate Tournaments

Providing a live leaderboard for your corporate event will give your guests a "TOUR" experience, all the while exposing them to your company logo or slogan. It is a perfect way to tie the fun day of golf, together with the business side.
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Online Leaderboards

A Custom Leaderboard Participants Love!

Give your tournament a professional look by using ScoreKeeper Online. All the participants (individual or team) will be able to see how they are doing versus the rest of the field - from the 1st hole to the 18th.



The Excitement of a Live Leaderboard is Available to All Golfers, Not Just the Pros!

Simple Setup

As Easy As One, Two, Three!
  1. Enter your roster players
  2. Allocate starting holes/times
  3. Start scoring! Team captains can join the tournament and enter as they play

Scores and player changes can be entered online from any device, updating your leaderboard instantly! Players and teesheets can be exported and printed to use at registration and give your clubhouse to add to carts.


Score Like A Pro

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